Experimental Science Fiction - Working Prototype Documentation

* in collaboration with: Creative Technologist Eraince Wang

1. Concept Statement - "the Grand Emptiness of Life and Death"

* Complete Documentation Package *

I am creating an experimental narrative focused on providing personal death experiences that emphasize the decomposition process, along with other aspects of death such as different ways of dying and deathcare. The motivation behind this project is to destigmatize the negative notion of death. Encourage users to make peace with the processing of dying, and to take control planning a death that’s meaningful and beautiful to them.

* This is also a challenge for the visual design aspect of this experimental project. I was exploratory in my understandings of a brutalist, oversimplified, eccentric aesthetic with a randomized warm undertone system. This aesthetic mostly came to me naturally while I was meditating, brewing with the core idea of this project.

For my goal of building something with a standalone aesthetic, understanding my limitations as a visual designer, I chose to work with my intuition and do more design experiments. For example, a classical Chinese poem by Wang Wei (Tang Dynasty), 王维·《使至塞上》keeps showing up in my mind:大漠孤烟直 长河落曰圆 (A plume of smoke rises up into the evening sky of the Great Desert, while the Yellow River dimmed as the setting sun goes down). To me, these two lines are Wang Wei's description of an unbearably grand emptiness with an sense of extravaganza. Inspired by Wang, I adjusted one of my prototype for user testing into a narrative that happens during the golden hour (visually, very subtle). In the long term, I still have lots of research and experiments to be spending time with. I look forward to spring 2020. (Dec 16, 2019)

2. Narrative of the world + the environment:

In 2100, the era of the posthuman, the establishment of a new kind of design studio, DeathCareDesign Studio has emerged. The project builds a posthumanist scenario where the advancement of information technology offers people an option to plan their death according to their own design. The first prototype presents a scenario of this world in the form of unity3D: the hyperspace of this posthumanist design studio -- dcd studio --

Targeted Audience:
target audience --> people (boomers) who are in denial of death or not willing to confront the end of one's own life

Structure of the Hyperspace:

3. Artifact.a (in Unity): an personalized advertisement for Deep Venice in 2100

4. Artifact.b (experience guide): a guide/map of this hyperspace; is used during the testing of the first working prototype at the end of 2019 fall semester.

5. A Review: Walk-through of DCD.WORLD

6. Testings