13 pieces of trash in my box

"i like bubbles and this is an interesting formation of bubbles."

"glass as a kind of material always attracts me.
It's amazing that light travels through particles and i can see light.
this box is the package of something and it's reflective.
Instead of allowing the light to go through, this box is like: 'nope'."

"it's soft. it's safe. it's small. i want to sleep in it."

"kabrini said to me:'you can have it.'"

"maybe i can put my secrets in there. but i am not sure how long it can hold all of them."

"i was weak and sometimes i still think about them."

"i think it would be funny if i decide to become a camera just to wear this poncho."

"Is it white or ?"

"sometimes i wonder why i do not like pornography."

"i think i might be able to use those stickers someday. i live according to weekdays."

"the Film cartridge is empty. i see that the child is out of the mother now. "

"as i mentioned before, i like reflective things. and it looks like it's perfect."

"it's the smell of coffee"