I'm Yutong, a mixed media designer who is interested in immersive digital environment and VR level design. I have a diverse background in graphic design, digital communication and art history. Currently I’m an MFA Design & Technology student at Parsons.

I was born in a small city in Sichuan, China called Luzhou(泸州). I grew up with mountains and 🔥spicy food. When I was 18, I came to New York to attend New York University and majored in Media, Culture & Communication with a minor in Graphic Design.

Since 2015, I have worked as a freelance visual designer and tested my career interests in various fields such as fine art, fashion and advertising. Thanks to all the people who have shared their knowledge and wisdom in various industries, I began to realize my own career path as a mixed media designer.

Now at Parsons, my main focus is on the affordances of play in VR/AR/MR. While devoting myself to what I love the most, I'm also working on a sustainable and ethical design system that represents the self in this world of ever-changing technology.

When not building worlds, I like swimming in all kinds of music and films (also enjoy sharing my playlist and film list). Some topics I love learning about: dialectic and dialogue; surveillance design; astrophysics; hip hop music; stop motion animation... Feel free to email me if you want to collaborate/talk/ask questions.