Nomoverse - an alternative and provocative reality in which the audience can feel life and death. Nomoverse builds itself around the backstory of another world in which people no longer prioritize life. The choice of life or death is like the choice of pasta or burger for a human's dinner.

Nomoverse consists of three designs: Orb of Life, the Apartment, and Recycling Center. The whole experience includes a 9-minute video and an installation. It explores the methodologies of human’s dependency on the ideas of “being alive” and “fearing death”. This installation offers an experience for the audiences to think about life from an outsider’s perspective.

experience design
video installation
production design
character design

how to experience nomoverse:
the short film nomoverse in a darkroom
a narrow hallway to the installation
HTML5 Icon

nomoverse video installation

the installation

interactive glitch effect created with Arduino, openFrameworks & MadMapper

3d modeling

3d printing & light design (Arduino & Blynk)

nomos // character design

if interested in more information
behind the scenes