Yutong Xie,  谢雨桐

As a visual designer working with human interaction and experience, I try to channel design’s capacity into understanding and caring for ways of life. Through immanent interaction design with delicate systems, I hope to confront the audience with questions and mysteries that could foster their root growth in this organic world.

Design’s fluidity guides me to experiment with concept and aesthetic development. Self-discipline, complexity, and authenticity are important values to me. I come from Sichuan, China, a place of numerous mountain ranges with beautiful blue nights.

This year, I am working on myself to become a designer who can code well. I want to be part of the convergence of art, design and technology. Check out my progress @memoryinstall.xyz, a 3D web project I did together with my good friend and coding mentor Eraince Wang.

I also enjoy making gifs and taking night walks.

1. Work Archive yutongxiearchive.xyz 
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