A three-part installation that invites the audiences into the world of Nomos. Showings scenes of the fictional characters’ life in its living space with the help of physical computing and using soundscape to narrate the background story, Nomoverse explores the idea of alternative reality and challenges the audiences’ judgement of value in life.

︎Design Process

The concept starts to form when I was watching weather broadcast and the hosts were talking about how nice the weather was gonna be tomorrow with this sort of digital-hyper-excitement emitting from the screen. I started to write about some eerie fictional characters (as in Mark Fisher’s words: “the eerie is worth reckoning with in its own right as a particular kind of aesthetic experience”):

To a nomo, the choice to live or to not live is like the choice of burger or pasta for dinner. For the stability of Nomoverse , the centralized government establishes a life center for the artificial reproduction of nomos and a recycling center for the preservation of scarce resources. The Life Center will create another nomo with precoded mind and fill out the dead nomo’s blank social role by overnight delivery. Nomoverse is a quiet and static space for creating, being, living, feeling and dying.

Hieronymus Bosch’s work, a triptych titled The Garden of Earthly Delights inspired me to present Nomoverse as a vertical triptych. Stop motion animations such as Coraline with their meticulous execution of worlding helped me through the process of designing the production aspect of Nomoverse.

︎Interactive Installation with Physical Computing + Projection Mapping