Live Visual Performance


Visual Design with Brooklyn Jazz Group @suborange
3D Art and Design, Projection Mapping

About Suborange

Suborange is a Brooklyn based electro-acoustic trio.Every performance comes from a fresh point of view; mixing influences from Dub, Jungle, Ambient, Funk and Jazz in intricate and often unexpected ways. The intention is to share and bond with the audience by creating music on the spot.

Drawing musical and cultural inspiration from their homeland, the members are: Leon Sierra on Electric Bass (Spain), Griffin Koelbel on Baritone and Effects (USA), and David Nájera on Drums (Mexico). 

The band has played extensively throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn including venues such as Shapeshifter Lab, H0l0, Sunnyvale, The Delancey, Bushwick Public House, Hart Bar as well as hosting rooftop shows. Collaborating with other bands and DJs, they curate an experience that is both diverse and intriguing.