Suborange: Brooklyn Jazz Trio

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I worked as the communication designer for the Brooklyn Jazz Trio Suborange to develop their brand. I designed posters, 3D graphics and live projection art for the Jazz performance with online advertisement design works.

The journey started with me designing a promotional visual package for their upcoming performance at Nublu Classic in New York (62 Loisaida Ave), "a destination for progressive artists to jam". We started meeting with each other at the School of Jazz | The New School. Later on, I collaborated once with the band together with live visuals designed live and inspired by all the reheasals I sat through while designing.

The 2019 Covid situation has us stopped the collaboration. I hope to continue working with suborange, a lively jazz group, in the future. I have learned meaningful things about craftsmanship, live communication and design environments through this process.Thanks to David, Leon and Griffin.