VR Gallery

* Experience with Unity WebGL -----> here

LoveOnEarth: Virtual Gallery

Game Design Project for YokeyPokey VR STEM Class: with models created by students and myself, the project is a virtua planet in the digital universe that showcases our imagination. We also want to share our love on earth. Hope you enjoy ~

LoveOnEarth Virtual Exhibition with Unity WebGL * YokeyPokey Virtual Reality Arcade
* Experience Designer & Instructor: Yutong Xie

Virtual gallery design and implementation for the game design STEM Classes at Yokey Pokey VR Arcade. The goal is to invite the audiences to experience the arcade space online due to physical restrictions.

Design with Technology The Game Design Class used Unity, Tinkercad, Blender and Cinema 4D for building models and space for more people to be inside of our art world.

* Experience the 3D version at the online WebGL Player ------>here

Documentation: VR version

VR Social Platform
Level Design/3D Modeling/Animation/Unity(C#)

VR social platform prototype with SteamVR and HTC Vive.

Sundaypark Level Design

The world design of Sundaypark centers around individual sound blocks. Each sound block contains recorded conversation from the players that enter Sundaypark at different time stamps. A player can explore Sundaypark while listening to the "sound memory" from other players. As a prototype, all the players are guided by the same question that pops up when they build a block with their voice: "who are you and what do you want to share with this park?"

Video Introduction to Sundaypark

360 Video

3D Interactive Narrative
Unity(C#)/Maya/Cinema4D/Three.js/Firebase/GSAP/Tracking.js/P5.js (Design Process Documentation)

Click to Experience ------> here

Step 1: Say " YES " to the Web Camera

  • Match Your Eyes with the Pair of Eyeball Marks

  • Step 2: After the transition to the 3D page, the audience is teleported into the story as the web protagnist

    Website Structure

    I made this video with Cinema 4D to show the layers of the narrative. During our year-long production, I used this type of visual guidance to communciate with the technologist. Eraince, the creative technologist. built the structure and wrote the first website prototype using this video as her guidance. As a design + tech team, we really enjoyed this type of communication and we want to share this method with the world.

    We built the web scenes using three.js as this long (in z-axis)), 3-dimensional virtual box that contains narrative in the form of 3D art/animation.

    More about the Concept

    This is the project presentation slides of Eraince Wang and Yutong Xie. The content includes the concept statement, the inspirations and our original plan for the exhibition which was cancelled due to COVID-19. We are still submitting this project for public exhibitions. If you are reading this now and you want to share more thoughts regarding showing this project fully to the public, please contact Yutong Xie via email: design.xyt@gmail.com.

    Documentation May 19, 2019 ~ May 10, 2020

    I think it's important to show the auendience how Eraince and I created memoryinstall.xyz collaboratively. Since the very beginning, this documentation has helped us track the progess and communicate with each other digitally. We hope to share this 79-page, 10-chapter doc with the world to express the density and the ambition the team has for this project.

    Thesis Show Plan

    Video Walkthrough

    Interactive Installation 3DPrinting/ArduinoESP8266/openFrameworks(C++)

    Interactive Installation - openFramework and MadMapper - Arduino and Distance Sensor

    An Experiment with Immersive Installation and Soundscape Design

    AR Mobile Game + Product Launch Campiagn
    Spark AR/Prototype

    Fullscreen @Google Slides
    -> The Kure Collection Launch Campiagn

    Poster Design
    Branding/Illustrator/Photoshop/Risograph Printing

    Code Kitchen is a public speaker series hosted by Parsons AMT Design + Technology. Code practitioners working at the intersection of art, design, poetry, and social critique are invited to present one project they have made from both conceptual and technical angles.
    This body of work includes print design: a series of three posters for each friday event and digital promotional materials: Instagram Posts; Eventbrite; AMT Newsletter; Kiosk Display.
    The design is based on the concept of visualizing three pairs of lecturers as groups of abstract living organisms to form this dynamic and dimensional interaction.

    Risograph Prints

    To know more about Risograph-> http://www.odditiesprints.com/risograph

    Design Concept: To make our poster stand out among walls of promotional posters, I chose Risograph Prints as our printing method for this visual design project. The client is open to experimentations and the look result shows the necessity of using Risograph technique in this project. The posters look glowy and loud.

    Working with the randomness of Risograph machine and prints, the design illustrates the interaction of two abtract monsters that are created based on each artist.

    *Click On the Images for Full view

    *Design Process Documentation

    Visual Design
    Poster Design/Live Visuals/Video Editing

    Worked as the Graphic Designer within the Jazz band Suborange. We started collorating at the School of Jazz | The New School. Later on I performed with the band together as a group with live video visuals prepared according to the performance theme Doctor Jacoby from Twin Peaks created by Mark Frost and David Lynch.

    Poster Design

    Jazz Band @suborange

    Visual Design with Brooklyn Jazz Group @suborange 3D Art and Design, Projection Mapping

    Brand Design
    Logo design