Yutong Xie / Multimedia Art, Design

+ Interaction & Experience Design
+ 2D & 3D Visual Design
+ Immersive Installation

Memory Installation

Interactive Web project in collaboration with Creative Technologist Eraince Wang.
This project is currently under development.

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Bear the Extended Body

From September 2nd to December 30th 2019, 14 artists-researchers were involved in Code Art Research Program, to deploy new discursive questioning about our digital everyday life. Collaborative research allows to materialize a critical look on society and re-appropriate ourselves within the societal structures.

The online exhibition "Bear the extended body" gather all the reflections of the artists-researchers from Code's community.


Sundaypark is a Virtual Reality experience built with Unity 3D that leads players to a space theme park in which they can build up the landscape with collective dialogues


Code Kitchen


Code Kitchen is a public lecture series hosted by Parsons AMT Design + Technology.

This body of work includes RISO print design: a series of three posters for each friday event and digital design (promotional material): Instagram Posts; Eventbrite; AMT Newsletter; Kiosk Display.


Amy’s World is an experimental game that is situated within a 3D space mapped with a sci-fi narrative. The players, with the guidance of a world map, enter the simulation as the physical embodiment of the main character. They will experience a posthumanist world of death care design and digital clones. This working prototype is our first attempt to rethink game design and use Unity3D as a potential tool for immersive storytelling.