Visual Artist

︎︎︎ Internet Legend 2100

Internet Legend 2100 is a web fiction project created by artists during creative sessions; what ever has been said does not represent the real opinions of the participants; the principles are to understand the world through making art with integrity and freedom. I want to discuss modern relationships, the internet, friendship, family drama, gossips and all the things that are happening.

Being born and have lived in Luzhou, Sichuan, China, a magical place, I love my memories of my hometown and all the places I went to afterwards. And all the people I have met. I am so grateful and want to sharing the feeling that life is magical. I love the Internet. I learned so much from it and all the free tutorials I have watched all help me become who I am.

Kadi Tsang, @kaditsang
Bale Wen, @bale.wen
Marco Villard, @marco.villard
Michael Cong, @congfusion
Lola Max, @littlelolamax
Yutong Xie, @yutongxiedotcom

Produced by Màn Rán Studio