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Collaboration with Creative Technologist Eraince Wang is a thesis project developed by creative technologist Peiyu Eraince Wang and Yutong Xie during their school years at Parsons Design and Technology program where these two artists met and then they collaborated on this three d website interactive immersive 360 sound diy web fiction world building multiverse

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Inspired by this project and my collaboration with Erance Wang, a designer and technologist , I continue to build this thread by working with artists around me who can act, direct and document. This is the start of the web series Internet Legend 2100. I want to design a world that is the continuation of Nomoverse, depressm︎ntpark, virtual reality applications like and the world I have experienced since the 90s in Sichuan, China. Now I live in New York, nurtured by the sincere diverse culture of this city, I continue to grow and express how I feel.